Fairer Than Morning By Rosslyn Elliott

I received this E-Book from booksneeze.com for free for my honest, unbiased opinion.

Book Description
Ann dreams of a marriage proposal from her poetic suitor—until she meets a runaway apprentice who knows what a truly noble man is.

In 1826, Ann Miller travels to Pittsburgh with her widowed father and two young sisters, only to find that a mysterious man has pursued them all the way from Ohio. Is Ann’s father just a circuit minister, or is he hiding something that may endanger them all?

Will Hanby indentures with a Pittsburgh saddle maker, only to discover that his master is a cold-hearted tyrant. After years of abuse, Will becomes a prisoner of his own mind. But then lovely Ann Miller comes to stay next door and her compassion lights a long-dark part of Will’s soul. His renewed courage puts his life in jeopardy as he begins to assist fugitive slaves.

Will’s murderous master and Ann’s questions about her family may keep both of them bound in the shadows forever. Or will they find freedom—together?

Fairer Than Morning is a captivating story of Ann Miller and Will Hanby. Set in Pittsburg, PA and Rushville, OH in the 1800’s we meet the Miller Family who are helping slaves get to freedom through a whole network of people in the south. Business takes the Miller Family from Rushville, OH to Pittsburg, PA where the family meets Will Hanby, an indentured apprentice to Master Jacob Good, a cruel man who will do anything to get ahead. Will is subjected to physical abuse that almost kills him. This prompts him to make the journey from Pittsburg to Rushville, OH in hopes the Miller’s will be able to help him.

Rosslyn Elliott has written a beautiful story of love, hope, and finding faith in even the worst situations. The book is based on true historical facts of real people. Our main characters: Ann Miller, Will Hanby, and Master Jacob Good are real people and the events are real also. I could not put this book down, it grabbed me from the first page. The characters were so real, the history accurate, and the story line kept me from wanting to put it down. I cannot wait to read the next book in this 3 book series called” The Saddler’s Legacy”. I am so excited to find a new author to read and highly recommend this book to anyone.


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