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For all of you who read my blog please come to I have decided to move there to have access to the things I need/want for my blog!!! So head on over there to see all the posts!!!! Also please become followers on there!!!!!!


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Women Of Faith Imagine 2011 Milwaukee Wi

I was given the honor of being one of the bloggers selected in my area to receive 2 free tickets to The Women Of Faith Imagine Event held here in Milwaukee Wi. I was so happy and surprised I got selected.

I asked my cousin/friend Vickie to come with me. Neither of us had ever been to this type of event but we were both excited to go and experience it….OMG is all I can say. This event was beyond anything I imagined it would be.

We got to the Bradley Center around 9:30 am and were able to pick where we wanted to sit…so we huffed it around the Bradley Center to find right where we wanted to be. The event started and that was it. The Women of Faith Singers were AMAZING!! I am so addicted to listening to them now! Just fantastic women with such a gift for singing and worshipping. Our EMCEE Anna got up and again was just blown away by her words of encouragement and fun. We then had the privilege to hear from Sheila Walsh first! What a woman. So transparent and so open to talk about her life and her journey to and with God. Then after every talk she gave, she honored us with her phenomenal voice and sang beautiful, touching songs that reflected what she spoke about. AFter Sheila, we heard from Henry Cloud. What an awesome guy who had so much insight and life to share with all of us women!! He and Sheila had such a rapport with each other it was awesome to get to hear them talk together and really know one another! Most of the 10-3:30pm sessions were Sheila and Henry sharing and helping us.

Vickie and I walked around a little bit and decided to go to Water Street Brewery for dinner..that was fantastic. It was great to sit, talk, and just be girls (with no kids LOL)

Our 7pm-10pm sessions were again OMG…we heard from the awesome singers and Anna and then we got to meet the whole Group of Women for the weekend. We got to hear Natalie Grant and Mary Mary. We got to have some funny but honest time with Nicole Johnson about being a wife and mother. Then the highlight for me of the evening was Ken Davis, a Christian Comedian who literally had me laughing until I cried. I don’t know the last time I laughed that much at one time. He was so good for my soul. After Ken Davis, Natalie Grant gave an awesome concert and the evening ended. It was such a high to be on.

Saturday I was solo, Vickie couldn’t make it but my friend Jolene and her guest were able to connect with me so I wasn’t alone! Another awesome day!Got to hear from Sheila Walsh again! YAY We heard from Lisa Harper-WOW!! Loved her. Nicole Johnson-LOVED her!! Then Angie Smith….cannot even describe her talk but to say that the whole Bradley Center was full of women crying by the end. All of these women got up and were so transparent and so willing to share their good and not so good stuff. Mary Mary gave an awesome concert and Luci Swindoll spoke-again WOW.

Such a powerful weekend. It was just what I needed. It was awesome to be able attend and share it with my cousin/friend!! I truly learned so much from each person in this group that came to Milwaukee and I feel so blessed that I was able to be there!! This is a must event!!

I want to thank Thomas Nelson and Women of Faith for 2 free tickets to attend this fantastic event. Thank you for blessing me with them!!!!

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Women Of Faith Imagine 2011 Milwaukee Wi

Attended Imagine 2011 here in Milwaukee at the Bradley Center Sept 30 and Oct 1. AWESOME!!!!! So much happened and so much to process. I am so looking forward to next year. I really need to get the money now to go for next year!! I am still processing through all that this weekend was and I am physically recuperating from it all so I will be post here in the next few days about the experience! All I know is that I HAVE to go next year!!!! So Check back in the next few days for WOF Imagine through my eyes!!

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Women Of Faith Imagine 2011

As I have stated in many a book review I do reviews through and they offered tickets to the Women of Faith events in cities all over the US including Milwaukee, Wi with the agreement that you will blog on your experience. So I signed up for it. I have wanted to attend a WOF event for the last 2 years but unfortunately we haven’t had the funds for me to go with our church group. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying, worse case, didn’t get picked. So a few months ago had posted on Facebook that those who were selected to attend WOF through them received emails letting them know. So I checked my email and didn’t see anything….did a search in my email since I don’t always see my emails. Did not have anything….felt a little disappointed but hey, no biggie….nothing lost here.

A month ago I received an envelope in the mail from WOF and was confused. But figured it was probably an advertisement or something from them. So I opened the envelope and found 2 tickets for the event. I was floored, since I didn’t receive the email I had no idea how I got these tickets. On top of that I thought the booksneeze thing was only one ticket. So I called the number for WOF and found out that in fact it was a ticket for me and one for a friend and they were compliments of So excited. I spoke with my friend Jolene, to see if she wanted to go with me to the event and found out she got the same envelope and no email. So she had 2 tickets also….I feel so blessed to have been picked to go to this event.

I know God truly blessed me, on top of all of this found out 2 weeks ago I need surgery on my gallbladder and a liver biopsy and the event is before my surgery so I feel so blessed that I can go before the surgery happens and really get to enjoy myself and be open to God’s word. So check back here to read my review of this awesome conference! Can’t wait to go and share it with all of you!!

Copy and Paste this link into your browser to check it out!! :

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A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller

Another of my awesome $2.99 special books!! This is the first of Hearts of Middlefield Novels. This was the first book by Kathleen Fuller I have read. I have looked at her books a few times but wasn’t sure about spending 14.00 on a book I wasn’t sure of so the $2.99 prices was definitely worth giving it a try….I am so glad I did.

Book Description:
Moriah’s heart will only be safe with a man of his word.

In just a few short months, Moriah Miller’s perfect life unravels. Newly wed and newly pregnant, Moriah is abandoned by her husband, Levi. He’s left her, his family, and their faith without a backward glance. The community, stunned, rushes to the young woman’s aid.

But there is someone who feels more than just sympathy for Moriah. Gabriel Miller–Levi’s twin–longs for an intimate commitment that might someday bind them to one another. Convinced of the impossibility of his dream, Gabriel settles for a mere friendship with the woman he loves.

Moriah bravely goes on with her life, adjusting to her new role in their tight knit Amish community and preparing for the birth of her child. She is unaware that her brief marriage–once idealized as the happiest time in her life–may have been merely a shadow of the kind of love God has created her for. A love that can mend the soul, renew her heart, and give her a future filled with hope…if only she’ll let it.

Moriah believes she has found the man of her dreams, the man she will say I do to, Levi Miller. Since their school days, Moriah and the Miller twins, Levi and Gabriel have been close friends. Doing everything together. Levi proposes and Gabriel falls to the back burner, wanting Moriah from a far. Levi and Moriah get married and Levi is working at a stable in the Yankee world. After 4 months he sends a letter to Moriah saying he isn’t coming back. Moriah is devestated. She is pregnant and decides to move home. Gabriel tries to get Levi reconsider his choice. But couldn’t get him to see it. The family is devestated. Late one night Gabriel shows up at Moriah’s parents to get her, Levi has been in a horrible car accident. So Gabe, his father, and Moriah go to the hospital. There Moriah has to give consent for multiple surgeries to try to save his life. He comes out of surgery and finally wakes up. A few days later Levi asks Gabe to always take care of Moriah and the baby. A few moments later Levi passes. Now Moriah has lost her husband 2 times.

A Man of His Word is a very wonderful book that shows how forgiveness brings peace, how praying brings results, and how love always wins. Kathleen Fuller shows much knowledge of the language and customs of the Amish in Middlefield. This book was a wonderful story and I am so excited to find another author to read. Definitey recommend this book to anyone who likes a love story and or Amish fiction.

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First the Dead by Tim Downs

Family Christian Bookstore along with some authors of Christian Fiction have been offering some books for $2.99 for the first book to make it affordable to find a new author. Like most people, I look for the lowest prices I can find for books. I am leary to pay $12-$15 for an author I have never read. But $2.99 I will spend that. Really not much to lose. So I am finding new authors and series to read through this offer.

The first book I read is First the Dead by Tim Downs.
Book description:
When Hurricane Katrina takes New Orleans by storm, forensic entomologist Nick Polchak is waiting for her. He’s part of DMORT, the FEMA team assigned to recover and identify human remains in large-scale disasters.

The trouble is, Nick isn’t much of a team player. And he doesn’t take well to following orders he doesn’t agree with… such as the decision to divert all DMORT personnel into rescuing the living and leaving the dead for later.

Nick begs to differ. He’s there to collect bodies, and he’s going to do just that—especially when he starts finding bodies that were clearly dead before the hurricane struck. Nick understands that all forensic evidence will soon disintegrate in the hot, contaminated water…and he knows that’s exactly what the killer wants to happen.

The more Nick tries to uncover answers, the stronger—and deadlier—the resistance becomes. And it doesn’t help that a beautiful psychiatrist thinks he’s on the verge of a mental breakdown.

In a world turned upside down, where people live on rooftops and streets are underwater, where everything and everyone is on the verge of collapse…can even the Bug Man uncover the truth?

This is the 3rd “Bug Man Book” but really they can be read stand alone because Tim Downs does a great job of introducing things so you don’t feel like you came in half way through. This book was fantastic. The details of Hurricane Katrina and of New Orleans as a city were right on. This book kept a good pace and you really felt like you were there. I had a very very hard time putting the book down once I picked it up. You find yourself laughing at some of the dialogues and the suspense kept me guessing until the end. Awescome book for a suspense fan. I am excited to read more “Bug Man” Books. to find other Bug Man books and you can read some chapters up there too.

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The Nook

So for my birthday my Mom and Dad went overboard and bought me a Nook. I have wanted one for a long time and now I have it. Its awesome. I haven’t learned how to use the whole thing but thats the fun is the figuring it out. We have it connected to the internet and I bought my first book for $1.59. YAY. I have regular books here that I am going to read but I can’t wait to use the Nook. I can’t imagine that I will stop buying paperbacks and such since there are certain ones I will want in book form. So as I learn more about my Nook I will be posting my journey with the Nook. I can’t wait for my Mom to get herself one so we can lend books and such but I was givng her visitation with my Nook today….she got to touch and play with it as far as I learned today…YAY

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